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Albanian dictionary for Aspell
(550,000 words)
Version 1.6.4-0
15 July 2011
by Luan Kelmendi
Here you find the Albanian dictionary to be used
with the aspell program, version >= 0.60.
Installation instructions:
1. Download the packed file from: http://www.shkenca.org/shkarkime/aspell6-sq-1.6.4-0.tar.bz2.
   wget http://www.shkenca.org/shkarkime/aspell6-sq-1.6.4-0.tar.bz2
2. Unpack it.
   tar -xvjf aspell6-sq-1.6.4-0.tar.bz2
3. Go inside directory and install the dictionary.
   cd aspell6-sq-1.6.4-0   
   make install
4. To spell-check a file using Albanian dictionary, use:
   aspell --lang=sq -c file
15 July 2011, l.k@apolonix.com